Self taught corsetiere and couture dressmaker Hannah Light makes beautiful and unusual things.

Her love affair with corsetry began in 2011 when she fell head over heals for this historically-based medium which allows the subtle, and often not so subtle, reshaping of the human form. Drafting new patterns for every new design was essential to enable her to push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of shape and materials. 

Her unique style marries traditional corsetry techniques and materials with modern shaping to create a distinctive silhouette. Sheer fabrics, metallic leathers and sumptuous silks are used in combination to create a style that is inimitably Neon Duchess. Dramatic hip shaping and hip embellishment are recurring themes.

But corsetry alone was not able to fulfil her desires as a designer.  The first Neon Duchess couture mini collection was debuted at Oxford Fashion Week 2015. Corsetry provided the perfect foundation on which to build four stunning new designs. A couture approach to construction, including hand finishing, results in a highly polished finish and exceptional fit.

Each Neon Duchess creation is one of a kind; the pattern, materials and methods are tailored to create a piece that is both striking and functional.